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ISNetworld/PEC Management

    What is ISNetworld?

    ISN's online database, ISNetworld, is the global resource for connecting corporations with safe, reliable contractors and suppliers from capital-intensive and public sector industries. ISN collects safety, procurement, sustainability, quality and regulatory information from contractors and suppliers, verifies its accuracy, and then reports the results in an easy-to-follow format.[1]

    As more operators begin to use ISNetworld, contractors have to meet more requirements in order to sustain compliance. Advanced Safety has the experience and credentials to comprehensively manage your ISN account. Our representatives will communicate any changes or variations in owner client grades and action items. We are able to monitor employee training requirements for those employees who perform work onsite, as well as uploading training documentation for employees.

    For more information and specific details, please give us a call at 337-231-1323 to determine the best alternative for your ISN account.

    ISNETWORLD Compliance Package

    MSQ – Full Service Questionnaire Review and Completion

    · Complete Evaluation of Individual Questionnaire

    · Quarterly questionnaire updates

    · Owner client site specific questionnaire updates

    Documents & Forms

    · Insurance Certificate Submission

    · EMR Letter / OSHA Log Submission

    · Owner Specific Acknowledgement Forms

    RAVS (Review and Verification Services) – Safety Program Evaluation and Submission

    · Each section of the safety program, requested by the operators, is completed and uploaded for you. This includes an electronic copy of your safety program, full service on submission efforts, and self-review questionnaires provided in the initial RAVS process. RAVS not reaching 100% compliance, per operator’s standards, will be re-evaluated and re-submitted.

    TRAVS (Training Review and Verification Services) – Verification of Training Documents

    · Employee rosters are submitted for confirmation of training required within your work scope

    · Additional training can be provided by Advanced Safety to fulfill any discrepancies related to lack of or insufficient training

    TQ /OQ (Training Qualifications/Operator Qualifications)

    · Individual training documentation upload & submission for employees as required by operator


    · Daily monitoring & maintenance of your ISN account!

    · OSHA 300 & 300A Form Review

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