Lafayette, LA -

Advanced Safety has clients throughout Louisiana. From New Orleans to Shreveport, Advanced Safety staff will go anywhere to inspect a location or train personnel. One of Advanced Safety's clients reside outside of Louisiana. Thanks to word-of-mouth advertising, we have clients in Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, North Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado."

The number of services that Advanced Safety offers has also increased. Besides safety inspections and safety program reviews,  Advanced Safety trainers are certified in over 50 areas of training.  Advanced Safety offers Vertical Rescue training as per NATE standards, PEC, National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), Medic First Aid.

OSHA requires all employers whose workers are at risk of falling to develop a comprehensive plan for fall protection. OSHA also requires that companies have a rescue plan in the event that a climber cannot get down on his/her own.

Advanced Safety recognized that there was a lack of vertical rescue training available not only in Lafayette, but in this region. We knew that local companies in the communication tower work, oilfield service work, construction work and a variety of other industries needed someone to train their employees locally, but we did not realize how big this market could be. To meet the demand for fall protection and vertical rescue,  Advanced Safety  erected a 60-foot tower at their Lafayette office.

Since the acquisition by Advanced Safety Training, Advanced Safety has thrived. Rather than waiting it out like so many organizations have had to do in the past, Advanced Safety has invested in more employees, better training equipment, and office technology.

Utilizing  Advanced Safety's web site, clients will be able to review their training records and even print out training certificates. Before going out on jobs, our clients will be able to review their employees' training and certification records. They will be able to see what training each employee has and when they need to reschedule training. This training program will allow the company to have picture ID and safety information online with their customers if needed.


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