“Course Intro” Lesson

To begin building the front page of your course, find the “Edit Course” button at the top of your page in your hot bar. This will take you to the “Edit” page where you will do all of your editing for the rest of the build. This is the new way to visualize and edit that we found is easiest and allows for better editing.

Now that you are at your main editing page, you need to make sure you are in “Divi Builder Mode”. Click the purple “Use The Divi Builder” button. This is where you can add Rows, Sections, etc. 

Once you open the Divi Builder Mode you will see a Blue and Green Box. Click on the blue (+) to open the Library, this is where you can add new Sections and Rows or add our custom layouts that fit certain lessons that you need throughout your course.

Now that you have opened the Library, locate the “Add From Library” button on the top of the pop up menu, after you are on the Library page please click on “Course Intro!”. PLEASE only use this particular library item with the “!”. Do not use any other button for the course intro. If any other button is used it will not look the same and constancy is important!!

Now that you have two sections on one page, you will need to delete the default sections. This should have 1 blue box and 1 green box within it. Find the trash can icon in the blue box and click it. Now you will be left with the “Course Intro!” section which will be the one you need to keep.

Once you are left with the “Course Intro!” library item, click on the computer icon above the purple bar, this will take you to what it will look like once the Intro page is saved. The two boxes you will touch is the “Course Duration” box and the “Main Text” box. Fill in the main text box and give a summary of what this customer is about to do. A little background, quick summary, or definitions, these are all great things to include for the Cours Intro. The Course Duration should be completed after someone has done the course or you can eyeball it and someone can correct it later.