“Course Objective” Lesson

To edit a lesson, it is very similar to editing the course intro. You will need to locate the “Edit Lesson” button on the top hot bar. This will open the Editing page, again this is where all the editing for courses will be made.

Once you have made it to the editing page, be sure to click the “Use The Divi Builder” purple button. This is the main source we use for editing, it allows us to use certain library items for certain slides.

Once you have enter Divi Mode, click the blue (+) button to open your Lesson Library, this is going to hold all your customized library items, these are specific to certain lessons and it is necessary to make sure your using the correct one for the correct slide.

Now that your Lesson Library is open, you need to choose the correct library item. It is VERY IMPORTANT to use the correct Item. The library item we are using for the OBJECTIVE¬†is “Course Objective!”. Make sure you are using this specific library item. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT, we want our site to be cohesive through all the courses.

After the library item “Course Objective!” is added to the lessons editing page, you now need to delete the default section by clicking the trash can icon labeled in the picture below. Make sure you are NOT deleting the Objective section and make sure you ARE deleting the empty section.

Once you have deleted the default section, locate the computer icon above the top of the purple, click this and it will take you the visual editor. This is a way to see how your lesson is going to look before saving your edits. For the text box, you will need to enter what the course is going to cover, this is like a table of contents or introduction of what the lessons will cover.

This is what it should look like:


Light Bulbs

This Course will review the following content;

  • Regulations and Standards
  • Health Hazards
  • Commonly Used Materials
  • Training
  • Protection of Workers
  • Respiratory Protection