“Final Test” Lesson

To make a test, you need to go to the course intro page and open the “Edit Course” button on your hot bar (look at “Course Intro” Lesson for reference). Once you have opened the editor for the Course, click on the “Builder” tab to open the page where all the lessons are located.

Once you are on the Builder page, scroll down to the “Final Tests” section and click on the “New Test” button, this will open a text box where you can now name your test.

When naming a test you need to have it as this, Final Test – “Course Name Here”. Be sure to add Final Test in front of the course name, this is how we keep each test to look the same. Once you have name the test, click the “Add Test” button and move onto the next step.

This should make the test an item in your course, click “Edit” on the right side of the item to move to the Test Builder page. This is where you will add and edit all of your Questions.

When you get taken to the Test Builder the first page will have the Divi Button, click this to take you to the Divi Builder Mode. Follow previous rules to get to the Library. Once the Library is open, find the item “Test Your Knowledge!” This is the opening layout that will be shown before you take the test. Be Sure that it has the ! after it.

After adding the Test Your Knowledge! library item, click the Builder button near the top of the page to open up where you are going to start adding and editing all of your questions. 

To add a new question, click the (+) New Question button underneath the gray space, When adding questions you want to make sure they correspond with the bullet points you added in the Flashback.

Once you have clicked to add a new question, a text box should pop up and this is where you need to add your question for the test. We generally want roughly 10 questions for a regular course. If there is a longer course then it may require more questions to test the customers knowledge on that long of a course.

Once you add a question, another box will appear under it and you will need to copy the question into that box. Please make sure it is exactly the same with same punctuation and grammar.

Now to add the answers, you need to add the answers in the text box by clicking Add Answer, it does not matter the order of the answers but having ONE correct answer is obviously very important. Please make sure grammar and punctuation is correct.

Once all your answers are included in your question, choose the correct answer by clicking the circle next the correct answer. Have fun with the answers, there are many options of answers to choose from like multiple choice, single choice and much more.

Once you are happy with your quiz you can publish and take it as a check, make sure everything is correct when you take the test and that the test also flows correctly. This is going to be the test the customers take so if you can’t take it and pass they most likely won’t be able to either.