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Production Safety Systems [T-2] Instructor Led

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Course Duration:

3 Days

A three day program designed to develop the student’s ability to operate an oil and gas production facility both onshore and offshore. Students are provided with a solid foundation of knowledge for developing an understanding of the construction and operation of process equipment through open class discussions and demonstrations. Upon completion, students will be able to understand what happens to oil, gas & water from the time they leave the reservoir until the are discarded or sold and enter the sales pipeline.

Course Size Minimum: None

Course Size Maximum: 20

Tuition: $525

Course typically offered every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, or available upon request. Call us at 877.593.8693 to reserve your seat or for more information.

Course Outline:

  1. Operational Theory
  2. Reservoirs
  3. Casing String
  4. Primary & Secondary Recovery
  5. Wellhead
  6. Flowline & Header System
  7. Principles of Separation
  8. Separator Types & Function
  9. Gas Processing
  10. Oil Processing
  11. Water Processing
  12. PSS Acronyms
  13. Undesirable Events
  14. Component ID & Device Symbols
  15. Primary & Secondary Protection
  16. SAFE Chart Development
  17. ESS Overview & Device Testing Schedule
  18. Device Testing Procedures
  19. Device Testing Tolerances
  20. BOEM Regulations 30 CFR 250 & 30 CFR 254
  21. Hydrogen Sulfide Safety & Regulations
  22. Pressure Controllers & Relay Logic
  23. Pneumatic Theory
  24. Indicators & First Out Indicating Logic
  25. Level Controllers
  26. Temperature Controllers
  27. Electrical Controls
  28. Hands-On Lab with Flowing Production Equipment
  29. Written Examination
  30. Hands-On Evaluation with Flowing Production Equipment

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