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Water Survival / H.U.E.T Instructor Led

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Course Duration:

5 Hours

Comprehensive Water Survival / H.U.E.T Training for Offshore Personnel

Prepare yourself to navigate the challenges of offshore work with our intensive four to five-hour Water Survival / H.U.E.T (Helicopter Underwater Egress Training) course. Designed to equip you with essential skills for avoiding in-the-water incidents and ensuring you can survive a water evacuation, this training is a crucial step in offshore safety.

In-Person Training for Real-Life Preparedness

Our competent instructors offer a combination of engaging lectures and actual water training exercises, providing you with a hands-on learning experience. In the unpredictable offshore environment, being prepared can make all the difference.

Meeting Industry Regulations and Standards

API RP T-7, T-4, 75 SEMP, and USCG Title 33 regulations recommend that all offshore personnel receive annual training in water survival. Our course aligns with these industry standards, ensuring that you stay compliant and well-prepared for any emergency situation.

Water Survival / H.U.E.T Highlights

Our Water Survival course covers a wide range of essential topics and practical exercises, including:

  • Introduction to Water Survival
  • Review of API RP T-7 and USCG Title 33 Regulations
  • Emergency Situations and Survival Principles
  • Personal Floatation Devices and Life-Saving Equipment
  • Helicopter Safety and Escape Procedures
  • Practical Pool Exercises in a Heated Pool

Our practical pool exercises provide valuable experience in scenarios such as survival floating, water entry from a height, life raft boarding, rescuing a drowning person, and more.

Your Path to Offshore Safety Starts Here

Ensure your readiness for offshore challenges with our Water Survival / H.U.E.T training. Call us at 877.593.8693 for pricing, to reserve your seat, or for more information. Take the first step toward a safer offshore career today.

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