Definitions DOT

Company Property: means all real or tangible personal property, including facilities and surrounding areas, parking lots, storage area, buildings, owned or leased vehicles, products and equipment wherever located either owned, leased, or controlled by Superior.  It also includes the premises where Superior performs contract services.

Prohibited Substances: means illicit or un-prescribed drugs and controlled substances; mood- or mind-altering substances; prescribed drugs used in a manner inconsistent with the prescription or alcoholic beverages.

Under The Influence: means the presence of a prohibited substance, or metabolites in body fluids, which is above commonly, accepted cut-off levels established, or other commonly accepted cut-off levels and/or the presence of a prohibited substance that affects an individual in any detectable manner.

Possession: is meant to also include the presence in the body system of any detectable amount of an illegal drug.

For Cause Situation: is any situation in which an employee’s job performance conflicts with established job standards relating to safety and efficiency.  The term includes accidents, near miss accidents, erratic conduct suggestive of illegal drug or alcohol use, any unsafe performance behaviors, and unexplained deviations from productivity.

Reasonable Suspicion: means a belief based on objective facts sufficient to lead a prudent person to conclude that a particular person performed a particular act.

Random Testing: means a testing process in which selection for testing is made by a method employing objective, neutral criteria, which ensures that every person subject to testing has a substantially equal statistical chance of being selected.  The method does not permit subjective factors to play a role in selection.

Safety Sensitive: means high exposure to catastrophic operational incident and has access to operations where failure could result in serious harm to public or employee well being, company assets, or the environment.