Drug and Alcohol Flashback!


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If you aren’t confident in your knowledge of one of the following subjects, go back to the relevant lesson in the course to give it a review.

  • The company considers the drug test positive if you refuse to take the test.
  • Reasonable cause testing is designed to identify drug-affected employees who may pose a danger to themselves and others in their job performance.
  • A decision to test underreasonable suspicion must be made by at minimum, 2 supervisors.
  • The purpose of non-DOT drug testing regulations is to improve safety within the Workplace.
  • Marijuana, cocaine, alcohol is subject to testing under current regulations.
  • Decreased coordination, lowered reaction time, and impaired vision are some of the adverse effects of marijuana.
  • It takes 60 minutes for the body to metabolize one ounce of alcohol.
  • Any amount of alcohol in the body could be grounds for dismissal.
  • Five circumstances for drug testing include pre-employment, pre-accesses, random, reasonable suspicion and post-accident.