Fueling Procedures

  • HLO – Signal to Pilot ready to begin fueling operation.
  • Pump/Fuel Operator: Start pump whenever signaled, keep hand firmly on Nozzle during entire filling operation.
  • Remain alert to all situations and conditions that could affect the Heliport deck and facility operations.
  • Be prepared to respond according to previous training exercises and specific emergency response procedures.
  • Specific Fueling Procedures:
    • Each location has specific procedures or a checklist to follow before, during and after refueling operations. 
    • The fueling of a helicopter is a very serious event.  In the past, several accidents have occurred during fueling operations.
    • Always maintain a heighten sense of alertness during all helicopter operations, to avoid an endangering incident from occurring.
  • Pump/Fuel Operator:
    • On the signal from HLO or Pilot, stop fueling. Secure fuel tank cap by closing it properly.
    • Detach grounding cable last.  Return it and the fuel hose to its secure location.
    • Record (document) fuel delivery on appropriate forms. Obtain Pilot’s signature and give him copy of Aviation Fuel Receipt.
    • Fire watch is to be maintained during entire fuel operation until helicopter takes off