How does and Arc Flash Occur

How does and Arc Flash Occur?

Over 70% of Arc Flash incidents occur during, or immediately after, electrical maintenance. Most commonly, it can be the result of a loose cable or connector, working with dirty or rusty terminals, or simply a tool dropped near a busbar. Even with exposed wires, an arc flash won’t necessarily happen right away. If the electricity can flow through the wires with little resistance, it will not ‘jump’ outside the wiring to another point. If the level of electricity rises, or the resistance outside the wiring lowers, an arc flash will likely occur. This is one of the things that makes arc flashes so difficult to predict. Other causes can be improper work, live contacts, over voltage or water ingress. It is vital that we increase understanding amongst both employers and employees of how these incidents occur, what can be done to prevent them, and how they can then protect themselves in the event of an Arc Flash.