Confined Space E&A – Permit Examples

Entry Permits

A permit, signed by the entry supervisor, must be posted at all entrances or otherwise made available to entrants before they enter a permit space. The permit must verify that pre-entry preparations outlined in the standard have been completed. The duration of entry permits must not exceed the time required to complete an assignment.

Entry permits must include:

  • Name of permit space to be entered, authorized entrant(s), eligible attendants and individuals authorized to be entry supervisors;
  • Test results;
  • Tester’s initials or signature;
  • Name and signature of supervisor who authorizes entry;
  • Purpose of entry and known space hazards;
  • Measures to be taken to isolate permit spaces and to eliminate or control space hazards;
  • Name and telephone numbers of rescue and emergency services and means to be used to contact them;
  • Date and authorized duration of entry;
  • Acceptable entry conditions;
  • Communication procedures and equipment to maintain contact during entry;
  • Additional permits, such as for hot work, that have been issued authorizing work in the permit space;
  • Special equipment and procedures, including personal protective equipment and alarm systems; and
  • Any other information needed to ensure employee safety.

Cancelled entry permits

The entry supervisor must cancel entry permits when an assignment is completed or when new conditions exist. New conditions must be noted on the canceled permit and used in revising the permit space program. The standard requires that the employer keep all canceled entry permits for at least one year.