Marijuana DOT

Marijuana (Cannabis)

Street names: pot, grass, weed, reefer, joint, jay, lid, roach.

Effects: impaired motor ability, inability to concentrate, feeling of intoxication, increase in pulse & B/P, paranoia fantasies, reduced fertility

Dangers: anxiety, altered senses, mild euphoria, loss of motivation, psychosis, impaired short-term memory & learning, slowed thinking and reaction, addiction,  lung damage (5 joints – 125 cigarettes)

Symptoms: Altered perceptions, red eyes, dry mouth, reduced concentration and coordination, euphoria, laughing, hunger.

Look for: rolling papers, pipe, dried plant material, odor of burnt hemp rope, roach clips

Detection levels: 20ng (0 tolerance),  50ng – 100ng ( DOT)

Detection times: occasional use (1/month) 2-3 days, moderate use (1-2/week), 5+ days, regular use (3-5/week) 10-15 days, chronic use (daily) 30+ days