Personal Controls

Personal Hygiene Practices

Good personal hygiene involves keeping all parts of the external body clean and healthy. It is important for maintaining both physical and mental health!   Engineering Controls and Administrative controls should be used to prevent being exposed to hazardous materials but you should also engage in Personal Hygiene Practices as well.    This can be helpful in managing limit exposure to hazardous materials or exposing others to them!

handwashing at sink

Here are some examples:

  • Prohibit eating, drinking, or using tobacco products in blasting areas.
  • Provide wash stations so workers can wash their hands and face routinely and before eating, drinking, or smoking.
  • Vacuum or remove contaminated work clothes before eating, drinking or smoking.
  • Having accommodations for end-of-shift showers and change areas with separate storage facilities for street clothes, protective clothing and equipment.
  • Keep contaminated clothing and equipment out of the clean change area.