Personal Protective Equipment N.O.R.M.

Work Precautions – Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is used to reduce radiological risk, i.e., the probability of Implementation of suitable PPE exposure and/or the impact of any accidental radiation exposure.

  • PPE must be used in conjunction with other hazards and risks controls.
  • Examples of PPE that should be considered when working with

NORM/TENORM include:

  • Respirators: to reduce the inhalation of dust containing radionuclide
  • Gloves and apron: to reduce contamination of the body
  • Goggles: to reduce contamination of the eyes
  • One-piece slicker suit or Tyvek disposable suit
  • Impermeable gloves
  • Impermeable boots
  • Facepiece respirator to EN146FFP3 – 3M 8835 or Moldex 3405
  • Eye protection – safety goggles
  • All PPE to be cleaned after job and monitored as free from contamination.

Contaminated PPE should not be put into drums