Step 6- Lock and Tag Placement

The athorized employee will attach locks and tags to all energy isolating devices in such a way that they are in an off or closed position and cannot be moved or switched on to an unsafe position. Adding a tag to the lock out device with the authorized person’s name and contact information will give affected employees further information if they have questions about why the equipment is locked.


With the machine or equipment isolated from its energy source the next step of lockout/tagout is to actually lock and tag out the machine. It’s fair to say that this entire six-step process takes its name from this step.

During this step, the authorized employee will attach lockout and/or tagout devices to each energy-isolating device. The point is to apply the lockout device on the energy-isolating device in a way so it says in the “safe” position and cannot be moved to the unsafe position except  by the person performing the lockout.

Tagout refers to applying a tag on the device as well. This tag includes the name of the person who performed the lockout and additional information.