Cold Weather Work Summary

If you’re not prepared, getting caught in cold weather can have a chilling effect. But by wearing the right protective  clothing, and working smart, you can stay safe when on the job in cold weather.

What to Wear

  • Keep the following recommendations in mind when working in cold environments:
  • Wear at least three layers of clothing. An inner layer of wool, silk or synthetic to wick moisture away from the body. A middle layer of wool or synthetic to provide insulation even when wet. An outer layer that protects against wind and rain and allows some ventilation, to prevent overheating.
  • Wear a hat or hood. Up to 40% of body heat can be lost when the head is left exposed.
  • Wear insulated boots to keep your feet warm.
  • Keep a change of dry clothing available in case your work clothes become wet. 
  • With the exception of the wicking layer, do not wear tight clothing.