Emergency Ditching Procedures

In the event of an engine failure or emergency that requires the pilot to “ditch” the aircraft (make a forced landing), the Pilot will make an attempt to brief the passengers on the evolving emergency situation.
Passengers will be told what is expected of them during and after the emergency.

  • Assume the crash position and prepare for impact
  • After the Aircraft has entered the water the Pilot will assess the situation and determine if an immediate egress (exit) is necessary or if it would be more beneficial for the passengers to remain aboard the aircraft.

Evacuating the Aircraft:

  • If the Pilot advises the passengers to exit the aircraft and enter the life raft, the passengers should bring along as much emergency equipment as possible (such as First Aid Kit, Survival Kit, extra PFD, Electronic Transmitter such as ELT, Lights, etc. Entering the water:
  • The passengers should be aware of the dangers of the turning rotors while exiting the aircraft.