Fire Fighting Procedures

All firefighting gear is to be inspected weekly. It is essential that all HLOs and HDAs understand their companies aircraft fire fighting procedures and their role.

  • If you are assigned to a fire brigade, or assigned to fight fire additional training is needed
  • All fires must be fought from at least two stations minimum
  • Fire crews should be dressed out in full gear

The following minimum equipment shall be available and accessible near the heliport deck.  The storage (crash box) locker is to be red and marked EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT.

Under are the items listed within your regular crash box:

  • 2 Crash Axes
  • 2 Crash Knives
  • 1 Pincer
  • 1 Bolt Cutter
  • 1 Hack Saw with Spare Blade
  • 1 Hammer
  • 1 Crowbar
  • 1 Plate Scissors
  • 2 Flash Lights
  • 1 Boat Hook