General Helicopter Safety

The helicopter has a limited lift capability therefore it is necessary to provide precise weight information. Also remember: the Pilot will not permit anyone to board the helicopter that has been judged to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Check-In & Preflight Safety Transport Review

Report to the company Dispatcher, and Provide:

  • Your Name (with pictured ID for security).
  • Your Weight
  • Your Total Baggage Weight
  • Your Company Name
  • Your Offshore Destination
  • All other information requested.

The Pilot is always the person in charge and has complete authority to make all decisions concerning the factors relating to flying and flight safety. Cell Phones are to be turned off (not on vibrate) and placed within your baggage before boarding. If they are left on, they will interfere with the electronic operations of the helicopter once the phone starts ringing. Smoking is not permitted around, or on board the helicopter at any time