GHS – Flashback!


Congratulations, you’re almost done with the course!  However, let’s take a few minutes to reflect on the course content before you take the final exam. You will only get 2 chances to pass the final with a score of 80% or higher. 

If you aren’t confident in your knowledge of one of the following subjects, go back to the relevant lesson in the course to give it a review.

  • GHS pictograms consist of Red Diamonds, White Backgrounds and Black Pictures.
  • GHS Labels and DOT Placards are not the same.
  • Signal Words and Hazard Pictograms are standardized in GHS.
  • The Global Harmonized System is used worldwide in safety.
  • Inhalation and Injection are two hazardous ways chemicals can enter our body.
  • Hazardous Chemicals are substances, mixtures and articles that can pose a significant risk to health and safety.
  • G.H.S stands for Globally Harmonized System.
  • HMIS Labeling System uses a numerical hazard rating that incorporates Letters that correspond to a PPE reference chart.
  • NFPA Labeling is the procedure of identifying and evaluating if a chemical is hazardous and the degree of the hazard.
  • Danger and Warning are both signal words used in GHS labeling system to indicate the level of severity of a hazard.