Health Effects

After many years of in-depth research and studies on humans, the medical field has found that the health risks associated with asbestos exposure can lead to many complications and sometimes fatal diseases. Because asbestos is hard to detect by the average person, many people unintentionally inhale asbestos fibers that can accumulate in the lungs. The accumulation of these microscopic and hazardous particles increases your risk of getting ill. Below are the three most common diseases caused by high exposure to asbestos.

During exposure to asbestos, the small fibers inhaled get stuck within the lungs. If the body is not able get rid of the fibers naturally then lung irritation and scarring can occur. This typically leads to Asbestosis, a pulmonary fibrosis caused by the lungs trying to repair damage. Patients with Asbestosis experience a lot of difficulty breathing and swallowing. Over time, the excessive scar tissue from the lodged pieces of asbestos fibers, can reduce lung function and eventually fail to deliver proper amounts of oxygen to the patient’s body. When the body is unable circulate enough oxygen, it can lead to lung and/or heart failure.

health affects from asbestos