Helicopter Landing Officer Flashback!


Congratulations, you’re almost done with the course!  However, let’s take a few minutes to reflect on the course content before you take the final exam. You will only get 2 chances to pass the final with a score of 80% or higher. 

If you aren’t confident in your knowledge of one of the following subjects, go back to the relevant lesson in the course to give it a review.

  • It is essential that one person be designated responsible for the helideck and helicopter servicing. This person will be referred to as the Helicopter Landing Officer.
  • The Helicopter Landing Officer has the duties of Manifestation, Communication and Passenger Briefing.
  • There should be a Fire Extinguisher, Crowbar, Crash Axe and a Hacksaw in your Helicopter Crash Box.
  • Red Lights are installed at suitable locations to provide the pilot with visual information in the proximity and height of objects which exceed the height of the landing area. This also applies to cranes.
  • All firefighting gear should be inspected weekly on the helideck.
  • Many articles are classified as dangerous or prohibited goods, some examples of restricted items or hazardous material for flights are compressed gas and flammable liquids.