Regulations, Rules and Standards

stamp with the words regulations in front of a book of regulations
  • 1910.178(a)(3) – Approved trucks shall bear a label or some other identifying mark indicating approval by the testing laboratory. See paragraph (a)(7) of this section and paragraph 405 of “American National Standard for Powered Industrial Trucks, Part II, ANSI B56.1-1969”, which is incorporated by reference in paragraph (a)(2) of this section and which provides that if the powered industrial truck is accepted by a nationally recognized testing laboratory it should be so marked.
  • 1910.178(a)(4) – Modifications and additions which affect capacity and safe operation shall not be performed by the customer or user without manufacturers prior written approval. Capacity, operation, and maintenance instruction plates, tags, or decals shall be changed accordingly.
  • 110.178(a)(5)9 – If the truck is equipped with front-end attachments other than factory installed attachments, the user shall request that the truck be marked to identify the attachments and show the approximate weight of the truck and attachment combination at maximum elevation with load laterally centered.
  • 1910.178(a)(6) – The user shall see that all nameplates and markings are in place and are maintained in a legible condition.
  • 1910.178(a)(7) – As used in this section, the term, approved truck or approved industrial truck means a truck that is listed or approved for fire safety purposes for the intended use by a nationally recognized testing laboratory, using nationally recognized testing standards. Refer to §1910.155(c)(3)(iv)(A) for definition of listed, and to §1910.7 for definition of nationally recognized testing laboratory.