Responsibilities of HLO

The HLO will also be responsible for the delegation of duties to the helicopter landing crew and other personnel assisting with flight related operations.

The following are some of the general duties of the HLO:

  • Inspect Helicopter deck prior to flight operations.
  • Ensure firefighting equipment has been inspected as per planned/scheduled maintenance.
  • Direct freight handlers to insert/remove chocks when required on Helicopters with wheels.
  • Supervise and marshalling of helicopter operations whenever lifting loads.
  • Passenger Briefing
  • Control movement of all personnel on the heliport deck landing area (including disembarking and embarking passengers) whenever or as instructed by the Pilot.
  • Prevent passengers from having conversations with others (either arriving or leaving the locations). Often passengers talking fail to concentrate on safety factors associated with helicopter operations.
  • Have passengers sit in assigned seat for proper weight balance.