Training Program Content

Training Program Content

Forklift Operators shall receive initial training in the following topics (excepting topics that the employer can demonstrate are not applicable to safe operation in the employer’s workplace):

  • Truck Related Topics
  • Workplace Related Topics
  • Requirements of the Standard  (Must be included in the initial operator training program)

Truck Related Topics

  • Fork and attachment adaptation, operation, and use
  • Vehicle capacity and stability
  • Vehicle inspection/maintenance operator will perform
  • Operating limitations
  • Other instructions, etc.

Workplace Related Topics

  • Surface conditions
  • Composition and stability of loads
  • Load manipulation, stacking, unstacking
  • Pedestrian traffic
  • Narrow aisles, restricted areas
  • Operating in hazardous locations
  • Operating on ramps and sloped surfaces
  • Potentially hazardous environmental conditions
  • Operating in closed environments or other areas where poor ventilation or maintenance could cause carbon monoxide or diesel exhaust buildup