Working around Power Lines

Health Hazards Due to Overhead High Voltage Power Line

The concern for health hazards related to overhead power lines was first raised in 1979. In this study, it was discussed that electromagnetic radiations emitting from powerlines can cause childhood leukemia. Some researches stated that power lines can cause cancer and other critical health problems and the closer we get to HV overhead lines, the more dangerous the electromagnetic radiations become.

According to the research of the World Health Organization, we can suffer from insomnia, anxiety, headache, skin burns, fatigue, and muscle pain because of radiations from HV power lines. If such conditions really do occur, then electromagnetic radiations can be prevented from entering the human body by providing adequate shielding using metal. Things like buildings, trees, etc. can also serve as shielding for this purpose. In this way, we can reduce the health hazards caused by these dangerous radiations.

However, contrary to this belief, there are several arguments by experts stating that power lines create no such health hazards at all. In 1995 APS (American Physical Society) rejected linking childhood leukemia with power lines as there was no evidence that whether power lines caused it or rather it was just a coincidence. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) reported in 1999 that there is no such evidence to prove any health hazards of power lines nor their safety.

We can conclude that there is no known health hazard related to living near HV power lines but also science has not proven power lines as completely risk free. Scientists are still doing various research over this argument to make the environment safer.