Amphetamines DOT


  • CNS stimulant. Schedule II.
  • Common prescriptions: dextrin, fastine, Ritalin preluding, adderal
  • Street names: meth, crank, speed, uppers.
  • Approx. detection times in urine: 24-48 hours.

Complications: calcium loss, sudden increase in B/P, dependence (psych), vitamin def. Brain deterioration, pattern of uppers in AM and downers PM.

Street Names: Speed, cocaine, caffeine, amphetamines, Crystal meth

Symptoms: Alertness, talkativeness, mood elevation, increased blood pressure, loss of appetite.

Look for pills/capsules, loss of sleep, weight loss, anxiety, hyperactivity.

Danger: Fatigue, exhaustion, addition, paranoia, depression, confusion, possible hallucinations