Burns are categorized in first, second and third degree burns. The first step for burns is to determine the degree of them based on the burn and damage to the skin

First Degree Burns:

  • This degree of burns is the least serious, burning only the outer layer of the skin. The skin is usually red with painful swelling. The skin appears dry without blisters.

Second Degree Burns:

  • This degree of burns are more serious and involve injury of the skin and layers beneath the top layer. These types of burns produce redness, blistering and severe pain.

Third Degree Burn:

  • This degree of burn is the most serious. These burns, due to nerve damage, are painless and involve all layers of skin to be harmed. These burn marks and areas may be charred brown, leathery and/or appear white and dry.

What is important to know?

  • Do NOT apply ointment or butters to the burn, this ensures that the skin fully heals
  • To prevent further infections, do NOT break any blisters
  • To prevent destruction of the skin, do NOT apply ice to the burns
  • To prevent any shock, do NOT put your large burns in cold water