Driving After Dark

There are many chances for hazards to occur after the sunsets. In fact, it is statistically known that fatal accidents on the road double after dark. Before you start driving be sure your vehicle is good condition. Make sure you check your headlights, taillights, and turn signal to enable maximum visibility and to alert those also on the road.

Protect your eyes:
If you have been outdoors for most of the day, your vision will be affected majorly at night. These tips will help better your vision during night drives:

  • Using sunglasses during the daytime
  • Allowing your eyes to adjust from a well-lit building
  • Avoiding smoking
  • If your vision is blurry, be sure to get your eyes checked. This is necessary for your own safety.

Stay Cautious:
Since it is dark outside and your concentration could be lacking due to fatigue, it is important to know your limits and recognize if you are going to be able to make the trip and understand where your stopping points are.