Driving in Cold Conditions

The winter season can bring treacherous weathers that may or may not affect the road. Preparing your car for the season by getting a tune-up, adding anti-freeze, and switch to winter weight oil. Be sure to carry emergency supplies in your car just in case any hazards cause you to suddenly stop, or hazards occur.

Before you began your trip there are a couple things to recognize before you encounter winter weather. Be sure you keep snow and frost completely off your car, this can ruin your vision and the functions of your car. Also inform your friends or family where you are travelling and where you left from. This allows them to know your locations if you get stuck in a winter situation.

If you do get stuck on the road, try to park the car along a higher part of the road and tie a bright colored (if possible) bandana to an antenna to alert others of your position.

If you need to run the heater, run it at 10 minutes per hour. This conserves your car battery. Make sure to keep warm with blankets while keeping your hands and feet close to your body.

If you skid, take your foot off the gas and turn your wheel into the direction you want to go. Look 15-30 seconds ahead and make that the target you aim for. Do not use your brakes during a skid. This stop will come naturally.