(i) Outrigger

Outrigger scaffolds

The inboard end of outrigger beams, measured from the fulcrum point to the extreme point of anchorage, shall be not less than one and one-half times the outboard end in length. 

Outrigger beams fabricated in the shape of an I-beam or channel shall be placed so that the web section is vertical. 

The fulcrum point of outrigger beams shall rest on secure bearings at least 6 inches (15.2 cm) in each horizontal dimension.

Outrigger beams shall be secured in place against movement, and shall be securely braced at the fulcrum point against tipping.

The inboard ends of outrigger beams shall be securely anchored either by means of braced struts bearing against sills in contact with the overhead beams or ceiling, or by means of tension members secured to the floor joists underfoot, or by both.

The entire supporting structure shall be securely braced to prevent any horizontal movement.

To prevent their displacement, platform units shall be nailed, bolted, or otherwise secured to outriggers.

Scaffolds and scaffold components shall be designed by a registered professional engineer and shall be constructed and loaded in accordance with such design.