Scissor Lifts Preventing Falls

How can you prevent falls?

  • Stand firmly on the floor of the bucket or lift platform
  • Do not climb on or lean over guardrails or handrails
  • Do not use planks, ladders, or other devices as a working position
  • Use a body harness or a restraining belt with a lanyard attached to the boom or bucket
  • Do not belt-off to adjacent structures or poles while in the bucket
  • Use the proper Anchorage Connectors (A) – Commonly referred to as a tie-off point (e.g. Anchor Point on the Lift)
  • Use Anchorage Connector – Use to join connecting device to the anchorage (e.g. connector on the Lanyard)
  • Wear Body Wear (B) – The PPE worn by the worker (e.g. full-body harness)
  • Use Connecting Devices (C) – The critical link which joins the Body Wear to the Anchorage Connector (e.g. shock-absorbing lanyard or self retracting lifeline)
  • While in lift never tie off to any adjacent structures or equipment
  • No modifications with out manufacturer’s approval and tabulated data from a P.E.
  • Learn and practice the principles of safe machine operation contained in the operator’s manual
  • Keep unit clear of clutter and other trip hazards