Constraints in Relating to the Media

In a perfect world the kinds of issues that our companies take up would be regarded as more newsworthy than some of the sensational garbage the mass media dumps in newspapers, and on radio and television programs. But there are many constraints facing our companies in effectively handling the media. Some media are:

  • Antagonistic to our issues.
  • Restricted by government censorship.
  • Geared for profit and cover stories that will bring in the sales.

Other constraints are:

  • Civil society companies being scared to talk to the media because they don’t trust them.
  • Companies not having the skills to handle the media.

It would be worthwhile for your company to think through how it wants to handle the media so that you don’t lose out on opportunities to promote your company and its valuable work.

Why tips on handling the media? If you grant interviews to the media before thinking about how to handle them, or what context the media is operating in, you could do your company more harm than good. Tips help you to:

  • Be prepared for the media, both as individuals and as an company.
  • Think through your companies handling of the media – both with policy and practice.
  • Understand how the media work and therefore how to handle them.
  • Be better prepared for media interviews in case they come your way.
  • Feel more confident in handling the media.
  • Decide whether to accept an interview request from the media.