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OSHA Ergonomics

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Course Duration:

65 Minutes

Mastering OSHA Ergonomics: Creating a Safer Workplace

OSHA Ergonomics is a critical aspect of workplace safety and well-being. Our program is designed to educate employees and employers about the importance of ergonomic practices in improving comfort, preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), and promoting overall productivity.

Understanding Ergonomics for MSD Prevention

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are common workplace injuries that result from poor ergonomic practices. Our course provides comprehensive insights into identifying and correcting ergonomic risk factors to prevent MSDs. By understanding the principles of ergonomics, employees and employers can work together to create a safer and more comfortable work environment.

Benefits of Following Ergonomic Program Standards

Our course focuses on the benefits of adhering to OSHA’s ergonomic program standards. Both employers and employees will gain valuable knowledge about the General Guidelines of Ergonomics, which encompass best practices for designing workstations, promoting proper posture, and implementing ergonomic controls. By applying these standards, organizations can enhance employee well-being and reduce the risk of workplace injuries.

Implementing OSHA Ergonomics Programs for MSDs

Depending on the nature of jobs within the workplace, our program guides employers in implementing ergonomic programs to address MSDs. For jobs involving manufacturing or manual handling, a basic ergonomics program is recommended. In cases where a covered MSD occurs, employers are required to implement a full ergonomics program. This includes hazard analysis, engineering controls, employee training, and provisions for MSD management.

Take a Step Towards a Safer Workplace

Ensure the safety and well-being of your employees by enrolling in our OSHA Ergonomics program. By understanding the importance of ergonomic practices, MSD prevention, and OSHA guidelines, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to create a safer and healthier work environment. Invest in your employees’ health and productivity – enroll today!

At the end of this course, you will have 2 attempts to achieve an 80% or above on the final exam to receive your Certificate of Achievement!  Enjoy the course, and please fill out the survey at the end!

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