Cold Weather – Slips, Trips & Falls

Each year worldwide 37.3 million people experience a fall, of those an estimated 646,000 die from their fall related injuries.

Bodily changes that occur as you age may affect personal safety.

  • Balance deteriorates due to the weakening of the muscles and change in sensory perception
  • Aging dissolves cells in the nervous system, resulting in delayed reflexes

Many winter related injuries can be successfully avoided or their impact lessened by doing the following:

  • Check your footwear making sure it is appropriate for conditions
  • Keep a shovel and ice melting agent in your house
  • Check your railings
  • Bring a cell phone when you leave the house
  • Slow down, take your time
  • Ask for help if you feel uncomfortable with conditions
  • Have a plan
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise