HLO Actions for Helicopter Loading

The weight of Passengers boarding and Baggage/Freight being loaded onto a helicopter is very critical. If the manifested passenger of freight weight is incorrect, the helicopter is placed in jeopardy in one or both of the following ways:

  • If the actual weight is heavier than the manifest listing.
  • If the actual weight is lighter than the manifest listing.
  • Proper balance of the additional weight added to the helicopter is a critical aspect that always requires proper weight distribution prior to lift-off or departure.

Perforating Gun Operations and Radio Silence

  • Radio transmissions from Helicopters in the vicinity of a Perforating Gun (drilling) operations may jeopardize the operation and personnel safety.
  • These precautions should be taken: Activate NOTAM system, close the Heliport deck and make warning clearly visible to passing Pilots. Post “No Radio” lettering on Heliport according to size requirements (24 Inches High. x 12 Inches Wide.)