Traveling While Operating a Powered Industrial Truck

Traveling While Operating a Forklift

  • All traffic regulations must be observed.
  • Three truck lengths away from truck ahead.
  • Stunt driving, racing, horseplay never permitted.
  • Must drive slowly when floor is wet.
  • Never run over loose objects on the roadway.
  • Only loads within rated capacity should be moved.
  • Fork trucks with defective parts must be removed from service until repaired.
  • Fork trucks must be thoroughly inspected before each work shift.
  • Speed shall be reduced to a safe level while negotiating turns.
  • Only stable or safely-arranged loads shall be handled.
  • Defects shall be immediately reported and corrected.
  • Cross railroad tracks diagonally.

Additional Requirements

  • When grades are more than 10 percent, loaded trucks shall be driven with the load upgrade.
  • Only safely-arranged loads should be handled.
  • Do not operate trucks with leaks in their fuel systems.