1926.452(v) Multi-Level Suspended

Multi-level suspended scaffolds

(1) Scaffolds shall be equipped with additional independent support lines, equal in number to the number of points supported, and of equivalent strength to the suspension ropes, and rigged to support the scaffold in the event the suspension rope(s) fail.

(2) Independent support lines and suspension ropes shall not be attached to the same points of anchorage.

(3) Supports for platforms shall be attached directly to the support stirrup and not to any other platform.

Specific Requirements:

Multi-level suspended scaffolds must be equipped with additional independent support lines that are;

  • Equal in number to the number of points supported.
  • Equal in strength to the suspension ropes.
  • Rigged to support the scaffold if the suspension ropes fail.
  • Independent support lines and suspension ropes must not be anchored to the same points.
  • Supports for platforms must be attached directly to support stirrups (not to other platforms).