1926 Sub L (App A-D)

All the appendices are non-mandatory and contain selection criteria for planks; American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard references for aerial lifts; criteria for determining the feasibility of providing safe access and fall protection, and training for erectors and dismantlers; and drawings of various types of scaffolds and components. 

To summarize, Appendix A of Subpart L addresses scaffold specifications and provides non-mandatory guidelines to assist employers in complying with Subpart L requirements. These guidelines and tables provide a starting point for designing scaffold systems; however, they do not provide all the information necessary to build a complete system. Therefore, the employer is still responsible for designing and assembling these components so that the completed system meets the final rule requirements in 1926.451(a).

29 CFR 1926 – Subpart L – Appendices 

  • Appendix A – Scaffold specifications 
  • Appendix B – Fall protection for scaffold erectors and dismantlers 
  • Appendix C – National consensus standards 
  • Appendix D – Training topics for scaffold erectors and dismantlers
  • Appendix E – Drawings and illustrations

Appendix A – Scaffold Specifications 

  • Pole scaffolds (Supported) 
  • Single-pole wood pole scaffolds (Supported) 
  • Independent wood pole scaffolds (Supported) 
  • Fabricated frame scaffolds (Supported) 
  • Plasterers’, decorators’ and large area scaffolds (Specialty) 
  • Bricklayers’ square scaffolds (Specialty) 
  • Horse scaffolds (Horse) 
  • Form scaffolds and carpenters’ bracket (Speciality) 
  • Roof bracket scaffolds 
  • Outrigger scaffolds (one level) (Specialty) 
  • Jump jack scaffolds
  • Window jack scaffolds (Specialty) 
  • Crawling boards (chicken ladders) (Specialty) 
  • Step, platform and trestle ladder scaffolds (Specialty) 
  • Single-point adjustable suspension scaffolds 
  • Two-point adjustable suspension scaffolds 
  • Stonesetters’ multi-point adjustable suspension scaffolds 
  • Masons’ multi-point adjustable suspension scaffolds Catenary scaffolds

Appendix B – Fall protection for scaffold erectors and dismantlers 

Non-mandatory Appendix B to Subpart L—Criteria for Determining the Feasibility of Providing Safe Access and Fall Protection for Scaffold Erectors and Dismantlers.

Appendix C – National Consensus Standards 

  • ANSI/SIA A92.2-1990 Vehicle-Mounted Elevating and Rotating Aerial Devices 
  • ANSI/SIA A92.3-1990 Manually Propelled Elevating Aerial Platforms 
  • ANSI/SIA A92.5-1990 Boom Supported Elevating Work Platforms 
  • ANSI/SIA A92.6-1990 Self-Propelled Elevating Work Platforms 
  • ANSI/SIA A92.7-1990 Airline Ground Support Vehicle-Mounted Vertical Lift Devices 
  • ANSI/SIA A92.8-1993 Vehicle-Mounted Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Devices 
  • ANSI/SIA A92.9-1993 Mast-Climbing Work Platforms

Appendix D – Training Topics for scaffold Erectors and Dismantlers 

  • Regulations and standards 
  • Erection/dismantling planning 
  • PPE and proper procedures 
  • Fall protection material handling 
  • Access 
  • Working platforms 
  • Foundations 
  • Guys, ties and braces