Biological Monitoring

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Biologic Monitoring

Under the occupational health standard for inorganic lead, a program of biological monitoring and medical surveillance is to be made available to all employees exposed to lead above the action level of 30 ug/m(3) TWA for more than 30 days each year.

Employer shall make available biological monitoring in the form of blood sampling and analysis for lead and zinc to each employee at a reasonable time and place.

  • At least once every 6 months to each employee covered.
  • At least every 2 months for employees whose blood sample indicated lead level at or above 40ug/100g of whole blood. This frequency shall continue until two consecutive blood samples and analyses indicate a blood lead level below 40ug/100g of whole blood; and
  • At least monthly during the removal period of each employee remove from exposure to lead due to an elevated blood lead level.
  • A detailed work history and medical history, with particular attention to past lead exposure, personal habits (smoking, hygiene), and past renal, cardiovascular, reproductive and neurological problems.
  • A thorough physical examination, with particular attention to teeth, gums, renal, cardiovascular, and neurological systems. Pulmonary status should be evaluated if respiratory protection will be used.