(c) Fabricated Frame

Fabricated frame scaffold (tubular welded frame scaffold) means a scaffold consisting of a platform(s) supported on fabricated end frames with integral posts, horizontal bearers, and intermediate members. This also falls under the category of Supported Scaffold.

It is impossible for a stable structure to be built upon a foundation that does not start out square and level. OSHA has standards that apply specifically to the steps that must be taken to assure a stable scaffold base.

These requirements also apply to manually propelled, pump jack, ladder jack, tube and coupler, and pole scaffolds, as well as the specialty scaffolds described in the Supported Scaffolds module.

Firm Foundation

  • In order to assure stability, supported scaffolds must be set on base plate, mud sills or other adequate firm foundation.
  • Footings must be capable of supporting the loaded scaffold without settling or displacement.
  • Unstable objects may not be used to support scaffolds or platform units.
  • Front-end loaders and similar pieces of equipment shall not be used to support scaffold platforms unless they have been specifically designed by the manufacturer for such use.
  • Forklifts shall not be used to support scaffold platforms unless the entire platform is attached to the fork or is not moved horizontal when the platform is occupied.