Change Control Mechanism

The Change Control Mechanism is the method used to control or manage a change. It is formalized in the MOC policy and procedure to ensure that the same methodology is used for every change.

  • The change control mechanism includes a description of the work flow procedure. This shows all the steps that must be taken to control the change. Most companies have adopted a MOC form to help guide the employee through the procedure.  The workflow procedure and MOC form will be discussed further in a later section.
  • The Change control mechanism must also include a detailed list of who is responsible for what. This is imperative as many tasks could involve multiple staff, and all participants must understand their role for the change to be managed effectively.
  • Finally, the level of approval must be identified. In most companies this is directly linked to the risk ranking process in the identification system. As a change increases in risk, the level of required approval increases.  Whose approval/signature is required for each risk level must be clearly documented.