Chemical energy might be the most broad energy source we are going to discuss. In simple terms when we say chemical energy, we refer to the chemicals that may be present in your environment and that spectrum is very broad.

With Chevron being an oil company the presence of flammable vapors at the workplace is a major concern. Apart from being an exposure issue, a flammable vapor coupled with presence of an ignition source can lead to disastrous consequences, such as explosions, fires and more importantly injuries.

Another example of chemical energy is the lack of chemicals. Oxygen. It occurs when inert gases are introduced for purging equipment or extinguishing fires. Nitrogen or certain types of clean extinguishing agents displace oxygen which makes it dangerous for humans. Dust and welding fumes is another type of chemical energy source. Depending on what you are welding the fumes could be quite hazardous. Dust in enclosed spaces can also present an explosion hazard.