Cuts and Abrasions

Without your hands it would be extremely difficult to do routine simple task, such as using utensils, tying your shoes or even opening doors. Hand injuries are likely when the wrong tool is used or the right tool is used improperly. The severity of the injury depends on a number of factors, including location of injury, the deepness of the cut and type of power tool that caused the accident. Any amputation can affect mobility, movement and dexterity. Yet, for example, losing the tip of an index finger might not affect the holding and grasping of things as much as losing part of a thumb, especially if it’s on your dominant hand.

Taking the proper precautions can help to reduce the risk for injury. Here are a few tips to help reduce your risk for saw-related injuries:

  • Don’t take off the safety guard on a saw; it’s there for a reason.
  • Use a push-stick when guiding wood through a saw.
  • Don’t wear jewelry when operating power tools. Wearing rings around moving parts can lead to injuries that necessitate whole finger amputations.