Driving on Bad Roads

It is rare to be driving on a newly constructed, smooth or non construction site highway. Many roads, especially older roads, have poorly paved surfaces with others not being maintained you may encounter these types of roads within your drive.

Poor Surface Conditions:
Be careful of potholes and bumps within the road. These can cause a loss of control and create damage to you or your vehicle. Be aware of rock, dirt and sand along the road, these reduce traction on the road and can cause you to skid.

Other Road Conditions:
It is known that some roads can have unexpected curves and hills that come up quicker than you would expect. Most rural roads are poorly signed roads, these can lead to unidentified bridges, curves and treacherous curves at that.

Construction Zones:
Driving through a construction zone comes with many rules and laws that are there to follow. Traffic may be rerouted through narrow and unpaved roads. There could be sudden stops, speed limit changes, and unexpected surface changes.