Emergency Changes

While it is best to always follow the MOC procedure, there will no doubt be situations that will not allow it.  In these “emergency” situations, it could jeopardize the plant safety more by waiting for the correct documentation and approval. 

Thus there needs to be a contingency plan.

The change should be reviewed to the best of the employees’ abilities.  This means using any and all available resources and time to evaluate the risks involved with the change.  The focus should be on the immediate risks only.

Once normal conditions return, the change must be fully evaluated using the MOC procedure and a permanent change should be implemented. 


  • Sometimes you have no choice, and you must make a change without going through the proper approval process.
  • Need a contingency plan
  • Evaluate using limited skills and resources – focusing on immediate risk only.
  • When normal operations resume – implement a full MOC evaluation.