Evaluating Hazards

Factors in Evaluation 

  • Slips and trips happen frequently, but tend not to be severe
  • Falls happen infrequently, but tend to be severe


  • Severity – A measure of how dire or sever the consequences would be if the hazard caused an incident
  • Exposure – The number of employees who are exposed to the hazard and the number of times they are exposed
  • Probability – The likelihood that the hazard will result in an incident


  • Identify the types of evaluation you can perform in your organization
  • Identify the factors that influence the slipperiness of floors
  • Identify the different floor types and their level of slip resistance
  • Understand how to the coefficient of friction can be used to determine the slipperiness of a floor
  • Identify the lighting standards for both general and emergency illumination
  • Use the critical inventory method for evaluating slip, trip and fall hazards