Eye Bolt and Nut Usage

Eyebolt Usage

  • Non-shouldered eye bolts must be used in-line.
  • Any shouldered eye bolt that does not have the shoulder in full contact with the load must be used in-line.
  • Shoulder eye bolts are the only type approved for angle loading.
  • When using a shoulder eye bolt for angle loading make sure the shoulder is in full contact with the load and securely tighten.
  • Ensure that a shouldered eye bolt that will be used for angle loading has the plane of the eye in the direction of the load. (Use shims or washers as necessary to position the eye to the correct plane).

Eye Nut Usage

  • Do not shock load.
  • Eye nuts must be in good condition prior to use.
  • Do not alter or modify any eye nut.
  • Do not use any eye nut that appears to be modified, altered or repaired.
  • Secure eye nuts from rotating prior to lifting.
  • Ensure the eye nut threads are fully engaged.
  • Eye nuts are only approved for in-line loading (NO sideloading).
  • Use washers or spacers to properly orient eye nuts.
  • Do not use tapered washers with eye nuts.
  • Use caution when lifting an object with only one eye nut as the eye nut may attempt to unscrew when the load is applied.