How to go set up a Program

Setting up a safe work environment can be challenging in itself. There are steps and guidelines that can help streamline the startup and implementation of a successful Safe Work Practice Program.

First you must establish a written policy describing the organization’s commitment to safety and health and pledging to establish and maintain a safety and health program for all workers. Then you must communicate the policy to all stake holders, which includes, employees, suppliers, contractors, vendors, customer and visitors.

Second, you need to establish realistic, measurable goals for improving safety and health. These goals should have an emphasis on injury and illness prevention and focus on specific actions. Next you should develop the plans to achieve the goals by assigning tasks and responsibilities to people, setting timeframes, and determining the resources needed to accomplish these goals.

Third you must allow time in workers’ schedules for them to fully participate in the program. You should also integrate the resource expenses into the the budget with the program needs. Resources will vary depending on many different factors, you may need training, capital expenses, SDS, etc.

Fourth, you should expect performance from program with the goals and responsibilities that have been assigned. You will need to give positive feedback  for meeting or exceeding safety and health goals. Establish ways for management and all workers to communicate freely and often about safety and health issues without fear of retaliation.